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​If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

Speical-education-program-faculty.pdfSpeical-education-program-faculty110 KB
P and C minutes.pdfP and C minutes507 KB
RSSRL Rugby League Draw.pdfRSSRL Rugby League Draw147 KB
2016  Rocky and District track and field Trials.pdf2016 Rocky and District track and field Trials255 KB
2016 SS GIRLS TOUCH DRAW (002).pdf2016 SS GIRLS TOUCH DRAW (002)159 KB
2017 Year 10 subject selection form.pdf2017 Year 10 subject selection form35 KB
2017 Year 11 subject selection form.pdf2017 Year 11 subject selection form37 KB
2017 Year 12 subect selection form.pdf2017 Year 12 subect selection form36 KB
2017 Year 7 subject selection form.pdf2017 Year 7 subject selection form31 KB
2017 Year 8 subject selection form.pdf2017 Year 8 subject selection form27 KB
year-11-12-stationery-requirements.pdfyear-11-12-stationery-requirements146 KB
year-10-stationery-requirements.pdfyear-10-stationery-requirements250 KB
year-9-stationery-requirements.pdfyear-9-stationery-requirements232 KB
year-8-stationery-requirements.pdfyear-8-stationery-requirements229 KB
year-7-stationery-requirements.pdfyear-7-stationery-requirements228 KB
2017 Cap 13-19yrs Swimming Nomination Form.pdf2017 Cap 13-19yrs Swimming Nomination Form504 KB
2017 Cap 13-19yrs Swimming Selection Procedures.pdf2017 Cap 13-19yrs Swimming Selection Procedures466 KB
2017 Cap 10-12yrs Swimming Nomination Form.pdf2017 Cap 10-12yrs Swimming Nomination Form495 KB
2017 Cap 10-12yrs Swimming Selection Procedures.pdf2017 Cap 10-12yrs Swimming Selection Procedures465 KB
2017 Year 9 subject selection form.pdf2017 Year 9 subject selection form25 KB
year-12-exam-schedule.pdfyear-12-exam-schedule39 KB
year-11-exam-schedule.pdfyear-11-exam-schedule39 KB
2018 Year 7 subject selection form.pdf2018 Year 7 subject selection form31 KB
Term 2 Year 11 master exam timetable.pdfTerm 2 Year 11 master exam timetable43 KB
Term 2 Year 12 master exam timetable.pdfTerm 2 Year 12 master exam timetable38 KB
2013-Annual-Implementation-Plan.pdf2013 Annual Implementation Plan2013-Annual-Implementation-Plan394 KB
next-step-summary-report.pdf2017 Next step summarynext-step-summary-report169 KB
anti-bullying-policy.pdfAnti-bullying policyanti-bullying-policy509 KB
assessment-policy.pdfAssessment policy assessment-policy270 KB
asthma-action-plan.pdfAsthma action planasthma-action-plan258 KB
Bookwork-policy.pdfBookwork policyBookwork-policy210 KB
Business-faculty.pdfBusiness facultyBusiness-faculty121 KB
consent-to-use-copyright-material.pdfConsent to use copyright materialconsent-to-use-copyright-material331 KB
Discipline audit - executive summary.pdfDiscipline audit - executive summaryDiscipline audit - executive summary377 KB
Discipline Audit Parents and Carers fact sheet.pdfDiscipline Audit Parent and Carers fact sheetDiscipline Audit Parents and Carers fact sheet199 KB
Dress code.pdfDress CodeDress code311 KB
electronic device policy.pdfElectronic device policyelectronic device policy95 KB
English-faculty.pdfEnglish facultyEnglish-faculty167 KB
enrolment-agreement.pdfEnrolment agreementenrolment-agreement139 KB
enrolment-form.pdfEnrolment formenrolment-form2256 KB
Explict-teaching.pdfExplicit teachingExplict-teaching260 KB
February-March-assessment -calendar.pdfFebruary and March assessment calendarFebruary-March-assessment -calendar185 KB
Feedback-protocols.pdfFeedback protocolsFeedback-protocols277 KB
Great Results Guarantee.pdfGreat Results GuaranteeGreat Results Guarantee106 KB
Great Results Guarantee Snapshot Report.pdfGreat Results Guarantee Snapshot ReportGreat Results Guarantee Snapshot Report170 KB
Health-and-physical-education-faculty.pdfHealth and physical education facultyHealth-and-physical-education-faculty121 KB
Home-economics-faculty.pdfHome economics facultyHome-economics-faculty10 KB
homework-centre-consent-form.pdfHomework centre consent formhomework-centre-consent-form226 KB
Homework-policy.pdfHomework PolicyHomework-policy200 KB
get-teenager-to-school.pdfHow to get my teenager to schoolget-teenager-to-school863 KB
Information-technology-faculty.pdfInformation technology facultyInformation-technology-faculty59 KB
Insurance-cover-pandc-subsidies.pdfInsurance cover and P&C subsidiesInsurance-cover-pandc-subsidies198 KB
internet-declaration.pdfInternet declarationinternet-declaration197 KB
Investing for Success - CQR - North Rockhampton State High School.pdfInvesting for SuccessInvesting for Success - CQR - North Rockhampton State High School137 KB
Investing for Success - CQR - North Rockhampton State High School-2017.pdfInvesting for success 2017Investing for Success - CQR - North Rockhampton State High School-2017245 KB
Japanese.pdfJapanese subjectsJapanese162 KB
Junior-maths-faculty.pdfJunior mathematics facultyJunior-maths-faculty130 KB
Junior-science-faculty.pdfJunior science facultyJunior-science-faculty56 KB
Letter to parents - YR 11 including QCS practice.pdfLetter to parents regarding examsLetter to parents - YR 11 including QCS practice124 KB
making-a-complaint.pdfMaking a complaintmaking-a-complaint250 KB
Manual-arts-faculty.pdfManual arts facultyManual-arts-faculty115 KB
Mothers-day.pdfMother's dayMothers-day56 KB
next-step-2015.pdfNext step 2015next-step-2015189 KB
Next-step-2014.pdfNext step destination report 2014Next-step-20141383 KB
Next-step-2016.pdfNext Step destination summary 2016Next-step-201654 KB
next-step-2012.pdfNext Step destination survey 2012 summarynext-step-2012188 KB
next-step-2013.pdfNext Step destination survey summary 2013next-step-2013178 KB
Stationery List Yr7 2015.docNorth Rockhampton High SchoolStationery List Yr7 201559 KB
P anc C Minutes 20 July 2015.pdfP & C Minutes 20 July 2015P anc C Minutes 20 July 2015448 KB
P and C minutes 24 Oct 2016.pdfP and C minujtes 24 Oct 2016P and C minutes 24 Oct 2016475 KB
P and c minutes 11 April 2016.pdfP and c minutes 11 April 2016P and c minutes 11 April 2016456 KB
P and C minutes 22 August 2016.pdfP and C minutes 22 August 2016P and C minutes 22 August 2016457 KB
P and C minutes 23 November 2015.pdfP and C minutes 23 November 2015P and C minutes 23 November 2015499 KB
P and C minutes 27 January 2017.pdfP and C minuutes 27 January 2017P and C minutes 27 January 2017460 KB
P and C sporting and cultural grant.pdfP and C sporting and cultural grantP and C sporting and cultural grant195 KB
Parent-and-community-engagement-framework.pdfParent and community engagement frameworkParent-and-community-engagement-framework279 KB
Parent Teacher online booking instructions.pdfParent Teacher online booking instructionsParent Teacher online booking instructions325 KB
Pedagogical-framework.pdfPedagogical frameworkPedagogical-framework282 KB
prospectus.pdfProspectusprospectus499 KB
responsible-behaviour-plan.pdfResponsible Behaviour Planresponsible-behaviour-plan623 KB
SIU-executive-summary.pdfSchool Improvement Unit - Executive summarySIU-executive-summary330 KB
school-map.pdfSchool mapschool-map690 KB
Senior privileges policy.pdfSenior Privileges PolicySenior privileges policy452 KB
Senior-schooling-faculty.pdfSenior schooling facultySenior-schooling-faculty71 KB
Senior-science-and-maths-faculty.pdfSenior science and mathematics facultySenior-science-and-maths-faculty30 KB
smoke-free-policy.pdfSmoke free policysmoke-free-policy24 KB
Social-science-faculty.pdfSocial science facultySocial-science-faculty125 KB
Special-education-program-faculty.pdfSpecial education program facultySpecial-education-program-faculty110 KB
Student-change-of-details.pdfStudent change of details formStudent-change-of-details49 KB
student-computer-use-policy.pdfStudent computer use policystudent-computer-use-policy136 KB
Student-laptop-charter-2013.pdfStudent laptop charter 2013Student-laptop-charter-2013971 KB
sunsmart-policy.pdfSunsmart policysunsmart-policy104 KB
teaching-and-learning-executive-summary.pdfTeaching and learning audit executive summaryteaching-and-learning-executive-summary118 KB
teaching-and-learningl-audit-parent-and-carers-factsheet.pdfTeaching and learning audit parent factsheetteaching-and-learningl-audit-parent-and-carers-factsheet266 KB
Teaching-and-learning-audit.pdfTeaching and Learning Audit ReportTeaching-and-learning-audit362 KB
Teaching-reading-comprehension.pdfTeaching reading comprehensionTeaching-reading-comprehension116 KB
Trade-centre-price-list.pdfTrade Centre price listTrade-centre-price-list3386 KB
tuckshop-menu.pdfTuckshop menutuckshop-menu20 KB
Uniform pictures.pdfUniform picturesUniform pictures194 KB
uniform-price-list.pdfUniform price listuniform-price-list222 KB
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