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Thursday gaming thing


​Board games are back in fashion! And they are whole lot different from Snakes and Ladders and Game of Life.

The Thursday Gaming Thing is a weekly meet in the library during lunch hours and after school. Students and teachers get the chance to try “Designer Euro Games” – a more modern and complex type of board game that has exploded into popular culture in recent years.

Mr Zimmer brings in an assortment of card and board games from his private collection (currently at over 50 games) and is currently building a school collection with the library and P&C.

Many of the students currently involved have highlighted that strategy, making meaningful decisions and, of course, fun, are the big reasons to come along to the Thing. On a more school-orientated theme, they also strongly encourage literacy and numeracy skills – vital to get ahead in games and real life. Friendly competition, teamwork and problem solving skills get a work in too.

The school’s growing collection includes:

KING OF TOKYO – a dice rolling game with mechanics close to Yahtzee, which pits giant kaiju (city-destroying monsters) against each other to see who can cause the most destruction and mayhem.

MUNCHKIN – a card based dungeon exploring game, in which players compete to get the best gear and the most levels for slaying monsters

TSURO – a tile-laying game that seems very simple at first but can play out quite advanced with strategy. Players are dragons flying on the four winds, the last one still on the board at the end wins.

PANDEMIC: THE CURE – a dice-based version of multi-award winning cooperative game Pandemic. Players are members of the CDC fighting to save the world from falling apart as four virulent diseases spread across the globe.

The Thursday Gaming Thing is held every Thursday during lunch and after-school until 4:30pm at the NRSHS library. Parental permission is needed for students to stay after school. Forms can be obtained from Mr Zimmer in G Block ( or the library.