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Lions Youth of the Year


On Saturday, 15 February and Sunday 16 February, two senior students, Juan-Paul Jacobs and Ryan Kyriazis, participated in the first round of the National Bank sponsored competition, the Lions Youth of the Year Quest.

On Saturday, each student had an interview with a panel of three judges. During the interview students were asked to talk about their academic, cultural and sporting achievements; their participation in community life; and give opinions about topical issues such as youth violence.

On Sunday morning, students addressed two impromptu questions (which had to go for 2 minutes each) and presented their five minute prepared speeches before family and members of the Mount Archer Lions Club. The first impromptu question asked students to give their opinions/ideas about the positives and negatives of being a youth in Rockhampton, while the second impromptu question asked them to discuss their views on family unity. Both students are to be commended on their performance. It’s not easy standing up in front of adults and responding to impromptu questions. Both prepared speeches were engaging and well-delivered. Ryan’s prepared speech was on changes in technology while JP spoke about living in regional areas.

The Public Speaking Award was won by Juan-Paul. He was also the overall winner at Club Level.      

On the 15 March travelled to Yeppoon to compete at Regional Level; the third level of the competition. Here JP competed against students from Rockhampton High School, St Ursula’s College, St Brendan’s College and The Rockhampton Grammar School. Interviews were held in the morning and in the afternoon, prepared speeches were delivered and two impromptu questions addressed. This time students were asked ‘Who are you? Tell me about yourself…’ and ‘Imagine Australia without farmers. This would mean …’.  Competition was of a very high standard. 

Judges stated that the overall results were extremely close. Michael Effeney (St Brendan’s College) won overall and will now move to the next level. Courtney Brown (St Ursula’s College) won the public speaking award. 

Congratulations to both JP and Ryan for their participation in this quest. Both students spoke well and conducted themselves admirably.

Many thanks to the Lions and Lioness Clubs of Australia and the National Bank of Australia for providing this excellent opportunity; to the Mount Archer Lions Club for their support of our students; to the judges for giving up their time and valuable feedback; and to the parents of the students involved for their time and support.